Professor Kosashvili Head of Orthopedic Department at the Beilinson Hospital - Rabin Medical Center

Professor Kosashvili is committed to providing the best possible comprehensive Orthopedic care with individualized attention to each patient. Specializing in a variety of procedures including joint preservation and total joint replacement, Prof. Kosashvili has the professional expertise and experience to help you decide which treatment is best for you.

CONTACT: 052-8483583

After graduating Tel Aviv Sackler Medical in Israel, Prof. Kosashvili went on to complete his orthopedic surgery residency training, finishing the national exams with honorable awards. Following the orthopedic residency Prof. Kosashvili, has successfully completed a two year Clinical Fellowship in Toronto, Canada, supervised by Professor AE. Gross at Mount Sinai Hospital and Professor J. Gollish in Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.

After an additional year of a combined Clinical and Research Fellowship at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Prof. Kosashvili has been an author of over 70 published peer- reviewed papers and has presented his research on numerous occasions. For his surgical and academic achievements he became the first Israeli surgeon awarded with the highly prestigious Insall travelling fellowship. Prof. Kosashvili is actively involved in academics and works as Head of Orthopedic Department of the Beilinson Hospital at the Rabin Medical Center in Petah Tikva.

• Hip and knee preservation surgeries
• Hip and Knee Replacement

• Medical Degree (MD): University of Tel Aviv, Israel
• Orthopedic Residency: Assaf Harofeh Medical Centre, Israel
• Clinical Fellowship: Adult Lower Extremity Reconstruction, Mount Sinai Hospital,Toronto, Canada.
• Clinical Fellowship: Adult Lower Extremity Reconstruction, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto, Canada.
• Research Fellowship: Mount Sinai Hospital in affiliation of the University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine Toronto, Canada.
• Degree of Master of Health Administration (M.H.A.), University of Ben Gurion, Israel
• Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Tel Aviv University, Israel

Beilinson Hospital – Rabin Medical Center
• Kaplan Medical Center
• Assuta Medical Center
• Herzliya Medical Center

During his residency, Prof. Kosashvili applied for several orthopedic patents, some of which have matured into orthopedic startup companies. Subsequently, he become a co-entrepreneur and the medical advisor of an Orthogon Technologies 2003, aimed to enable intramedullary limb lengthening and enhancement of fracture healing. In addition, Prof. Kosashvili provided business, medical and inventive consultation, which assisted in the foundation of another orthopedic startup company, PreServ, set to allow an innovative device and surgical approach to displaced hip fractures.
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